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  • Learn How To Start-Up & Have Your Very Own Outreach Program (Become A Benefits Outreach Specialist).

  • Learn How To Establish Outreach Partners, Within Days, Wherever You Want (Churches, Mobile Home Parks, VFW's).

  • Learn Why You May Never Need To Prospect Again, 3rd Party Referrals & Prospects Come To You.

  • Completely Distinguishes You From Your Competition, Builds Credibility & Trust In A Way That Traditional Marketing Can't.

  • Sign-Up & Receive A Limited Time Bonus - Your Choice Of: List of 1,000 Turning 65's In Your Local Area With Name, Address & Birth Month/Year OR List of 1,000 Local Medicare-Eligibles (Age 65 & Up)  With Name, Address, Birth Month/Year AND Phone Numbers OR 1,000 Affordable Care Act Prospects With Name, Address, Birth Month/Year AND Phone Numbers
  • Guidance, Support, Coaching & Ongoing Training From Your Agent's Outreach Center. 

  • Quick-Start, Power-Packed Call Within 48 Hours Of Signing Up, To Get You Off & Running Successfully.  

This Opportunity Is Extremely Limited! Depending On The Size of Your County, Only One Licensed Insurance Professional May Be Invited To Be A Benefits Outreach Specialist & Member of The Agent's Outreach Center.

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There are currently 42.5 Million Age 65+ United States Citizens and in the next 4 years, there will be an unbelievable increase of almost 25% Age 65+ United States Citizens, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

There are 10,000 Baby Boomers (those people born between 1946 and 1964) Turning 65 Each and Everyday for the NEXT 18 Years.

Both Groups Desperately Need Your Help:  Medicare-Eligibles consistently need updated Medicare Information, presented without bias, so that they can fully understand their current options and make an informed decision, each and every year, based on knowledge, in order for them to receive the maximum amount of benefits available, for their particular situation!

Not To Mention, Consumers Of All Ages that need information on Affordable Health Care, Dental, Rx Savings, Life Insurance Options, Etc., Etc. Etc.


First Things First... 


JUST ADDED FOR 2016: We have just added the Non-Profits Benefits Specialist Program to the Benefits Outreach Specialist Program for 2016. Now, you can contact Non-Profits, Churches, Organizations and help provide benefits that they sorely need for their Members as a Non-Profits Benefits Specialist & as a Benefits Outreach Specialist!    Also Added for 2016:  Earn Affiliate Fees On: 1) Auto Insurance - No Additional Licenses Needed, Everything is Online!   2) Health Wellness Program that includes TeleDoc & More!   3) Newly Introduced Fundraising Options for Churches, Non-Profits & More... Including:

   *  Teladoc (Telemedicine)
   *  ID Theft Protection
   *  Roadside Assistance
   *  Legal Services
   *  Acupuncture / Acupressure
   *  Chiropractic Services
   *  Massage Therapy / Naturopathy
   *  Skilled Nursing Homes
   *  Assisted Living Facilities
   *  Lab Services
   *  MRI & CT Scan Services
   *  Alternative Care
   *  Wellness & Fitness Clubs

  • A Word From The Program Director - Click Here

  • Do You Qualify - Click Here

  • Do Your Homework - Click Here

  • Receive A FREE Customized Website With Membership - Click Here
    (Website Earns You $$$:   Dental - 30% Commission,   Rx Benefits Card - $1.20 Per Rx,   Pet Insurance - Great Tool,   ACA Affiliate - Up To $50 Per App,   Identity Theft Protection Referral Fee - $60 Per Sign-Up), NEW For 2016 - Earn Up To $1,300+ Referral Fee On Reverse Mortgage Prospects

  • Why Bother With Dental Benefits? - Click Here

  • What's the Benefits of Offering the Rx Card? - Click Here

  • Would You Like To Offer Arthritis Relief To Millions? - Click Here

  • What's the NUMBER 1 Consumer Complaint Since 2006?   Identity Theft  - Click Here

  • Online SOA For Medicare Prospects of Benefits Outreach Specialists - Click Here

  • NEW THIS MONTH - This Is Awesome - Earn Referral Fees on Reverse Mortgages, (Exclusive for Ages 62 & Up) Just Refer, No Additional Work OR Additional Licenses Required - Click Here For Details: Average Earnings Are From $500 - $1,300 Per Referral.

  • JUST ADDED FOR ACA: Affordable Care Program WITH the ObamaCare Cost/Subsidy Calculator - Click Here

  • Affordable Health Care Affiliate Program Would you like to help Consumers with the pain taking task of getting Signed-Up for Affordable Health Care, for any State in the Nation and get paid for it, as an AHC Affiliate? Now you can and even Earn Up to $50 Per Submitted Application Unless You Want To Write Them Up Yourself In The States That You Are Licensed & Certified In & Just Earn A Referral Fee For The States That You Don't Service.

    GREAT for Traditional Insurance Professionals that want to provide vital information on Affordable Health Care but don't want to take the time to get certified to sell it. Now you can help all ages with healthcare and get paid an Affiliate Fee for any and every State in the Nation...

    Also, Great Way To Touch Base With Soon To Be Medicare-Eligibles Before They Are Eligible For Medicare & Help Them With Healthcare Benefits!
       Click Here
    to Learn More about the AHC Affiliate Program and Earning Up to $50 PER Submitted Application!

  • And Finally: Your NEW Marketing Tool - A FREE Customized Website For Current Clients, New Prospects, Referrals & More, Comes With Membership - Click Here   (Website Earns You $$$:   Dental - 30% Commission,   Rx Benefits Card - $1.20 Per Rx,   Pet Insurance - Great Tool,   ACA Affiliate - Up To $50 Per App,   Identity Theft Protection Referral Fee - $60 Per Sign-Up), NEW For 2016 - Earn Up To $1,300+ Referral Fee On Reverse Mortgage Prospects

  • Benefits Outreach Specialist: Plan of Action (Step By Step):  One On One - Available To Members Only!

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